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Ronald Stewart

Software Engineer

About Me

I am pride. I am power. I am a passionate developer who loves to learn about how technology can impact the lives around me. I am not afraid to take come on and lead projects from start to finish. At the end of the day, my focus is on bringing value to my teammates and customers I build applications, products and systems for.

I'm currently building and integrating applications on the Salesforce platform. Also, I am interested in cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure and GCP, and I have built applications for myself and professionally.

I am currently open to opportunities, and furthermore, feel free to reach out to me for mentorship or consulting advice.

Latest Projects

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Transparency - An Web Application To Give The People A Voice

In this project, I was really motivated by current events regarding police brutality done by people and my own experiences. I used Angular and Bootstrap for the front-end, and I used GCP services for the authenication and database storage.

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Selenium - A Shell Web Testing Automation Project

In this project, I create a basic Selenium automation script. I was interested in how I would possibly used this for future web application automation testing. I wrote one test case to find my YouTube channel, Software Journal, and play a video from the channel.

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TestNG - A Shell Testing Framework Project

In this project, I go over the fundamentals of using TestNG which I believe is one of the best testing frameworks out on the market. The project includes annotations, verification, reporting and test suite which are the building blocks for the highly versatile testing framework. This is also an extension of my Selenium project which I go over the basic architecture of Selenium. I ensure to utilize the Page Object Model to keep the code maintainable for expansion and stay DRY.

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Other Projects

3D Simulation Demo

Summary: Landed a short-term contract to develop 3D animated simulation demo. Gathered requirements and devised a design concept in which customer granted approval of. Suggested the best approach for developing the application by using Unity as the development tool and the devices it could port to. The application loaded in 3D bone models that animated based on recorded coordinate data. The application had real-time computed data displaying on the user interface.

Staffing Agency Web App

Summary: Designed web application system based off application core features. Implemented Angular and third party component library to develop the front-end. Utilized AWS for authentication, web hosting, database storage and data process handling – Cognito, S3, DynamoDB and Lambda, Route53. Learned the fundamentals of designing systems and implementing applications on AWS platform.

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Work Experience

Senior Salesforce Solution Architect - Booz Allen Hamilton (2022 - Present)

Summary: Improved the efficiency of background automation on Flows and Apex Triggers. Revamped code review process to ensure the quality code moves up the pipeline by implementing Github and Github Actions to automatically scan code deltas. Assisted in implementing CI/CD pipeline to deploy code from org to org with CumulusCI and GitHub Actions, and utilized Copado to meet client’s deployment requirements. Wrote up documentation for developers for repetitive technical knowledge to be dispersed among the team in concise and bit-size articles. Spoke with end users on the technical feasibility of business requirements and gave solutions for declarative and custom code approaches. Presented solution designs and architecture to technical and non-technical audiences. Mentored developers to grow into tomorrow's solution architects.

Salesforce Engineer Consultant - IBM (2021 - 2022)

Summary: Developed APEX classes, triggers, unit tests, Visualforce pages, and Lightning Web Components to support application build. Designed and implemented data structure, flows, processes, and declarative set-up. Prepared for and manage deployments using Changesets, Ant scripts, and IDE-based deployment tools. Assisted in solution, estimating, and shaping technical solutions. Contributed to internal code-base and standards.

Lead Salesforce Engineer - Railroad Commission of Texas (2020 - 2021)

Summary: Performed the development of processes, diagrams and flowcharts used to represent operations and data flow for applications. Performed the detailed analyses, designs, plans, diagrams, and verification procedures for existing and proposed applications. Communicated and collaborated with other technical resources and stakeholders regarding status, technical issues and creative solutions. Performed ongoing Salesforce administration (create accounts / profiles, defining fields, updating layouts, reports, dashboards etc.) and development. Designed, developed, tested, documented, and deployed high quality business solutions on the SFDC platform based on industry best practices as well as business needs.

Software Engineer - Imagine Believe Realize LLC (2018 - 2020)

Summary: Developed end to end Salesforce solutions using declarative configuration and customizations - APEX Class, Triggers, Visualforce pages, some Lightning components. Automated business processes using Salesforce automation tools, such as Process Builder, Workflows, Formulas, Flow, Assignment Rules and Email Alert. Built integrations between Salesforce and external applications using REST, SOAP APIs, OAuth and Single Sign-On. Migrated changes from development to test to production environment(s). Performed data updates/migration using Data Loader. Evaluated complex business requirements to understand needed functionality of the system.

Software Engineer - AceApplication LLC (2015 - 2016)

Summary: Designed software architecture for Web API to expand application functionality. Published Android and iOS apps. Led the development of two websites by working the frontend and backend. Debugged, tested, maintained, and published multiple software applications. Utilized Git to collaborate with team members during software development projects.

Student/Research Assistant - University of Florida (2009 - 2012)

Summary: Designed, tested, and evaluated control subsystems for robotic projects through the product lifecycle. Set up embedded and control systems labs for students and assisted in hardware and software troubleshooting during lab sessions. Wrote programs to extract data from motion capture files to calculate parameters and animate findings in MATLAB and Java. Assisted in the development of queries, tables, and import/export scripts to consolidate information into one central database. Aided in machining and manufacturing parts by script programming CNC machine using G&M code. Wrote brute-force program with MATLAB, C++ and Java to get design parameters to make mechanical parts for formula car. Assisted in programming microprocessor chips to compute real-time performance data on a display screen.

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